Latex and Hybrid are the Best Choices of King Size Mattresses in Hot Weather

The evenings can be warm and humid in Singapore during the southwest monsoon season. Certain nights, we can expect minimum temperature to be as high as 28°C. Nights can feel long and tossing and turning in bed may become more frequent.

If constant sleepless nights have begun to take a toll in your daily life, you may not realise that the way to solve it could be far more simple than what you might have been dominantly thinking. Consider replacing your mattress, especially if it has reached its average lifespan! Many people are already aware of the fact that most mattresses can provide optimum comfort only until they age seven to ten years, but how many of us are seriously taking action when the time finally comes.

A mattress range that uses pure latex you can consider is Sofzsleep mattresses in Singapore.

Humidity and Time

Now, count the years you have been sleeping on that same mattress. Then take into consideration the heat and humidity of Singapore weather. We have to admit it is a great time to replace the old ones with a mattress that can make a difference: A king-size mattress. This is because a king-size mattress gives us more sleeping space, providing better air circulation and that spacious feeling which may accommodate breathing.

Extra room on the bed also means more freedom to stretch our hands, legs or body a bit more comfortably, especially during hot monsoon season. A king-size is always a great choice for those who are sharing bed with their partners.

Latex Mattresses

For a king-size mattress with cooling effects, latex mattress is what we should be looking for. Latex is known to be a highly breathable material that can provide much comfort to sleepers. Although the price of its mattress can be a bit pricey compared to other types, with its average lifespan of twelve years and in some instances reaching twenty, latex mattress can stand the heat and humidity of the Equatorial weather and it is also hypo-allergenic.

Just imagine, who would want to sleep on the same mattress for twenty years, while risking their health to mold and bugs. Considering its price and durability, king-size latex will never be a loss in investment. The disadvantage of a latex mattress is only its weight that makes it difficult to turn.

Hybrid Mattresses

Still, if weight of a latex mattress is a big turn-off for you, another choice to consider is hybrid mattress. It is called hybrid because of the material combination used in making the mattress. For example, the base of a hybrid mattress can be made from support foam to provide firmness, the middle layer from memory foam for softness and the upper layer from latex. This will reduce considerable weight but maintain the same firmness, cooling effect, durability and hypo-allergenic quality of a latex mattress.

After all, the choice is always in the hands of the buyers. With sufficient information on the pros and cons of each type of mattress, hopefully the buyers will only bring back the best king among the kings of mattresses to their bedroom.