Organic Queen-size Mattress for Safer Environment and Long-Lasting Health

You have finally decided to buy a queen-size mattress. It is more reasonable in your current situation, since you are a new couple on the block who just moved into a new home, or parents with youngsters who need a wider mattress to share with their siblings. If you do not plan to have children too soon, or the upmost priority now is a bigger working or activity space compared to a roomy sleeping area, queen-size is just perfect for bedding!

With that extra dollars saved from not buying a bigger size mattress, why not think green and spend them for something more meaningful in the long run: an organic queen-size mattress! Spending on an organic mattress is not only a worthwhile contribution to the environment, but also to your own health.

Chemicals and flame retardants

Many commercial mattresses in the market contain flame retardant because this chemical is required to be present as a safety requirement in the mattress industry. However, certain types of flame retardant are dangerous because they contain chemicals that can cause serious health concerns when used long-term.  Other than flame retardant, products that can cause allergy or skin problems found in mattresses are adhesive and deodorants. Luckily, organic alternatives are gaining popularity these days when more customers are taking into consideration their responsibilities towards the environment. This allows for more competition in the organic mattress market segment, which means wider choices for buyers.

Non-toxic materials

Organic mattress is made from non-toxic materials like coconut husk, organic wool, organic cotton, organic bamboo, soy, castor, and natural latex, in replacement of synthetic foams and gels that are commonly used to form mattress layers. These synthetic materials are highly flammable, giving rise to the need of flame retardant. Once these materials are removed, the mattresses become more environmental-friendly and safer for sleepers. No more worries about remittance of dangerous gas or what we call off-gassing like when we are sleeping on mattresses made from chemically treated materials.

Trusted global standards

Trusted standards when you want to go natural or organic is Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) and Global Organic Latex Standard (GOLS). The next in line would be GREENGUARD Gold and Organic Content Standard 100. Make sure the queen-size mattress that you are looking for wears this label to indicate its natural qualities and eco-friendliness.


Organic mattresses can also offer good air circulation, softness or firmness according to our preference, spinal support and alignment, and pressure relief depending on the types of materials used to build them. They also provide competitive period of warranty easily reaching between ten to twenty years, like other commercial mattresses. The price of organic queen-size mattress can be a bit on the higher end, but if it is still affordable what can be our excuses for not spending lavishly on our own safety and health.

Finally, when night arrives and it is time to hit the sack, you may feel peacefully connected with Mother Nature, knowing that you have invested in a product that loves your environment and your health, equally without compromise.