King-size Mattresses: 3 Reasons Why It Matters

When the time to honor our peaceful bedroom with new mattress has arrived, we know we must weigh in many reasons before buying because after all, quality sleep is important to stay healthy and competitive in today’s hectic world. There is even a Chinese saying that says: “The loss of one night’s sleep is followed by ten days of inconvenience.”

Minimize Sleep Deprivation

We often hear about sleep deprivation caused by partner disturbance, which may lead to fatigue and grogginess during the day. Maybe you even heard that couples who are sleep-deprived usually involve in more fights with each other. Sleep interruption can happen if our partner is a fidgety or snoring type, to the extent that we are woken up every single hour at night. Yet, others might have medical condition where they need to frequent the washroom a few times during sleep hours.

However, when more space is factored in during bed buying, we find that this few additional inches allows for more distanced motions and sounds that can reduce interruption to sleep. This is why a bigger-size mattress is suggested as a solution to sleep deprivation, and of course a king size latex mattress is a brilliant choice. At the same time, do not forget that in Southeast Asian countries the weather is warmer and its humidity level is higher, so that extra warmth can be balanced by having extra space in bed.

Life Stage and Family Size

Other than being a choice to minimize sleep deprivation, parents who practice or believe in co-sleeping should also choose king size since in their cases, it is no longer a solution but a must. Whether you and your partner plan to have children soon, or already having children who share beds with you every night, more space means more control over your sleeping territory and more comfort to both parents and children.

Children usually toss around a lot in their sleeps, have their nightmares and make trip to the washroom every night. By having more space on the bed, it saves the hassle to make room for them every time they move about or return to bed. It is also a good place to snuggle and read books before light out, especially if yours is a large family with more than two children. This does not apply only for co-sleepers, because even children of parents who do not co-sleep sometimes want to share their parents’ bed.

Freedom and Space

Another concrete reason why we should opt for bigger-size mattress is health reason. When we have more space in bed, it gives ample room for easier breathing and we can also pay more consideration to our most comfortable sleeping position, rather than having to dismiss any body aches or joint pains caused by any restraint of bed space. Take for example an elderly who suffers from arthritis, or a person who suffers from asthma, they will be very thankful for the extra space that a king-size mattress can offer.

Hence, the call to go minimal these days might be good in other aspects of our lifestyle, but for mattresses, it might still be good to maximize.