Tennis Elbows: How Does it Occur and What Can You Do About Them?

Health and Medicine in Singapore

While most of us are familiar with Singapore being one of the world’s top destinations for tourism, the country attracting about 18.5 million tourists in 2018 alone according to their tourism board, Singapore just so also happens to be one of the world leading nations who pride themselves on their medical achievements.

The nation was ranked sixth in the world by the World Health Organization for their amazing reputation for healthcare systems and health related services. They provide universal healthcare to their citizens and their hospitals are packed with medical equipment (machines; utensils) and those who are specially trained to know how to use them. It would be an understatement to say that Singapore is one of the most qualified countries in the world when it comes to medical conditions and maladies.

However, Singaporeans are not spared from the same body conditions, ailments and injuries that people worldwide face. There are still many who experience pain and issues with their health in Singapore and require treatment.

Joint Pains and How to Treat Them

The simplest and one of the most common of all conditions is possibly joint pain. This can be felt in any (and all) joints in the body and an issue that can be faced by most ages. From the knees to the neck to your elbows, joint pain is the most common forms of “conditions” and while it may be all that common, if not treated right with the correct help, it can lead to a lifetime of pain and hindrance from everyday activities.

Take the condition of ‘tennis elbows’. It is very, in simple words, caused by the over usage of the muscles surrounding the upper arm/elbow area. This excessive use can exhaust the tendons present there and can lead to the tendons fraying or even tearing which can cause immense pain. Though the condition may sound like an athletic injury, the fact is that this can be caused by doing even the most mundane household tasks. Picking up children, heaving huge loads of laundry, it can all take a serious toll on your tendons which can cause severe pain and even cause you to lose mobility.

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Cures and Aids for Tennis Elbows: Platelet-Rich Plasma Therapy and Injections  

Luckily, there have been advancements in curing this condition and can help rid this pain for good.

It is to be noted that while these tendons are overworked, there is a huge possibility that the reason for their pain is because there is not enough blood they are getting access to. This causes them to not get enough oxygen to function properly and so the pain worsens.

For this reason, the treatment called PRP or Platelet Rich Plasma therapy was introduced. This therapy involves injecting a certain amount of your own blood (taken from another part of your body) to your sore, deoxygenated tendons. Though it does sounds a little complicated and seemingly pretty off from traditional cures and aids, it does have a chance of relieving pain when all other, more natural treatments (rest, ice, moist heat) fail to work.

The PRP therapy is a must try if all other methods at relieving pain do not work and surgery, however small, is one of your best treatment options for the condition.