Advantages and Disadvantages of Having ACL Reconstruction Surgery

ACL, which stands for anterior cruciate ligament, is an important ligament that provides stability and support to the knee joint. Unlike other body parts that heal on their own, the ACL doesn’t heal normally, especially when it is completely torn. Depending on the nature of your injury, you can choose to leave your kneel without a working ACL, or you can sign up for an ACL surgery to have the torn ligament replaced. More information about ACL tear surgery can be found here:

What to expect if your torn ACL is left untreated

If you don’t get the treatments you need after your ACL was torn, you are going to experience the weird symptoms of knee instability, which usually involve an uncomfortable sensation of buckling. For some, this may not be a serious problem, but for others, who are into sports, it may interfere with their performance.  

Do I really need an ACL reconstruction surgery?

This is one of the main questions that linger in the mind of people and athletes in Singapore who have a torn anterior cruciate ligament. Truth be told, deciding whether to have an ACL surgery can be very difficult and for good reasons. Most people fear that if they sign up for the surgery, they won’t be able to use their legs for almost a year. Their fears aren’t unfounded because rehabilitation after the surgery often takes a couple of months. You may even be restricted from intense physical activities for almost a year. This is what makes people wonder if ACL surgery is the best option for them. If you are contemplating having an ACL surgery, then you should carefully consider each of the factors discussed below.

Advantages of ACL Reconstruction Surgery

Gives you a second chance to return to the sport you love

As you know, every sport has rules and regulations that govern them. While some are minimal, others are intense. If you are into a sport that requires a functioning ACL, then going for an ACL reconstruction surgery may be the best option for you and your future in that sport. Yes, it will take you a while to recover completely, but at the end of the day, you will be able to play with your teammates again.

Protect against future damage

Even if you are not a professional athlete, it is still a good idea to sign up for an ACL surgical procedure, as it will protect your knee from future damages.

Offers the chance of having a fully functioning knee

If you really want to walk or run like the way you used to before your ACL was torn, then you should opt for a surgical procedure. Why, you ask? Well, it is because surgery is the best chance you have to a normal functioning knee again.

Disadvantages and Risks of ACL Reconstruction Surgery

Risk and complications

Basically, anything can happen during surgery. Below are a few things that could happen during and after your ACL surgery.

  • Complications that are difficult to address my spring up.
  • The surgeon may make a mistake and do more damage.
  • You may never recover completely.

There are a lot of sports that don’t require a functioning ACL.

See, the fact that your ACL is torn or damaged isn’t really the end of your athletic career, as there are a lot of sports that don’t require players to have a normal ACL.

Final note

Before making the decision to sign up for an ACL reconstruction surgery, you must learn as much as you can about the risk and complications involved, as well as alternative ways to address it.