Junes Jones to SMU????

Is it really true??? Am I reading all the reports wrong? Will we be losing one of the most prominent figures in UH Football History -coach June Jones?? Thats what the Honolulu Advertiser just reported on their main site and its also quoted on ESPN. What the heck??? And hes leaving for SMU? Boooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!

I know it cant be the pay this guy came to Hawaii after coaching in the NFL and he was NOT the highest paid coach in the WAC. He came to build up a program that went 0 and 12 the year before his arrival, and it so needed a boost in morale and strategy and recruiting. I know they are citing that he is leaving cause UH couldnt or maybe wouldnt approve his request for a commitment or push to upgrade our athletic facilities in the sum of approximately $25 million. But I dont think its that either. I think the powers that be or actually the skeletor of the problem lies with UH AD Herman Frazier. We shoulda locked in JJ when we had the chance last year when we had the chance to renew his contract. We even started off the year wrong when HF couldnt even get us good BCS or BCS type competition to play at the beginning of the season to help our Strength of Schedule. What is this gonna do for recruiting? Whats gonna happen with the existing players that have worked their tails off to get to where they are at now – what happens to the newbies like John Estes or Kealoha Pilares or Malcolm Lane or the next season seniors like Adam Leonard, Ryan Grice-Mullen Tyler Graunke, and the rest of the senior class??? Guess its a good thing Davon Bess is entering the draft and that Jason Rivers is a senior so they dont need to deal with this mess.

Yes – Im highly disappointed. I had faith and hope that we were on the verge of a new legacy a new era for Warrior football and a renewed sense of loyalty to a team and university that desperately need a spark to keep the people of Hawaii excited and interested (beyond just Womens Volleyball). A high powered offense of razzle and dazzle and a much improved defense that got the job done and now what are we to do but possibly regress to boring option football oh please dont say its so. Who could step into the Ronald McDonald size shoes that June Jones is jumping out of for close to $2 million? My only glimmer of hope is that Norm Chow would consider defecting just for the hell of it to come to Hawaiimaybe the high school and family ties may bring him home. If not that, I hope this is all a hoax and I dont have to watch the stupid press conference on all the dumb News stations and sports channels about how coach Jones is accepting a coaching position at SMU.

Please tell me to wake up from this nightmare .

Bah humbug

Somebodys gotta answer to this wonder who its gonna be???

🙁 .

highly disappointed!!!

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