Traditional to Advanced Cellulite Treatments in Singapore

Cellulite arises when the fat deposits in the central line of the skin through connective tissues. The cellulite comes out in the formation of lumps and dimples in body texture, commonly situated at hips, thighs, buttocks, and abdomen. Now, it becomes a common skin problem for people. A few treatments are traditional, and radiofrequency technology is the most advanced cellulite treatment thus far. The article discusses several cellulite treatments in the beauty and aesthetic clinics in Singapore:

Some Common Types of Cellulite Treatments in Singapore

  1. VELASHAPE III Treatment

In this treatment, the experts use infra-red light, and bi-polar radio frequency joined with a vacuum-assisted message. It targets the fat cells and breaks them down to remove cellulite. Several weeks and sessions are mandatory to see any positive outcome.

  • SUBCISION Treatment

In this treatment, first, the fatty cells beneath the skin need to detect. A needle needs to be placed beneath the skin to break the fat tissue manually to reduce the cellulite percentage. Sometimes, it takes almost 3-4 months to see optimal results.

  1. RADIESSE FILLER Treatment

Radiesse is a long-term collagen booster simulator. It is added to the skin after subcision. It regenerates the new collagen to the tissue by breaking down the fat cells. It improves overall skin appearance as a cellulite treatment.

Radiofrequency technology, the most advanced Cellulite Treatment in Singapore

The most striking feature of radio-frequency therapy is that it is non-surgical, pain-free, and less invasive treatment. Instead, the temperature of the radiotherapy is cooling to provide total comfort to them.

In this treatment, the experts prefer a machine having motorized roll and flap with subsequent suction action. The rays send to the depth skin tissue (targeted area) to remove fat cells and reduce cellulite so that it can confirm firm skin and tone the body. Here, you are eliminating the waste from your body that can also help you to prevent breast cancer, as well. Hopefully, you can see a visible outcome just within one session.

Every session, you can decide to choose three targeted areas to treat. Like-, the patients can have the opportunity to tighten their cellulite skin of bum, thighs, and tummy in the same session. The cellulite treatment of facial, arms, and buttock area is also available for them for the next session.

Benefits of Radiofrequency Cellulite Treatment

There are multiple benefits founds in radiofrequency treatment in Singapore that you can’t avoid. These are-

  • Non-Surgical & pain-free treatment: The patients feel comfortable in radio-therapy treatment, as it is a pain-free and invasive treatment. In traditional cellulite treatment, the patients suffer a lot from unbearable pain from surgical treatment.
  • Short Duration: The treatment duration is too short in comparison with the other conventional cellulite treatment. It takes only 15-20 minutes for each targeting area.
  • Faster Result: According to most of the patients, in most cases, they are happy to see visible results just in the first treatment session. Thus, radio-frequency cellulite removal treatment is best for faster results without side-effects.