Getting rid of household pests

Pests in houses are a common enough occurrence in Singapore. Everyone living in Singapore must have experienced this at least once or twice in their lifetime. Unfortunately, most of us choose to get rid of the pests by waving insecticides and pesticides at them. Though they are effective, they have a pretty bad impact on humans and pets. It is always better to go for green pest control methods.

These pesticides harm the environment and can even make their way into a waterbody, such as wells, lakes, or rivers. This can contaminate water for animals and the people. The first reason why any pest wanders into your house is in search of food. The next is a cozy place to curl up. That is why it is important for us to not keep any leftover out in plain sight. Always wrap up the leftovers and pack them up in airtight containers.

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The next is to avoid giving the pests any warm, damp, and/or dark area to turn it into their breeding grounds. Take the garbage out regularly and fix any leaky plumbing. If you spot any repairs, such as cracks or gaps, then there is never a better time than right away to get it fixed! If you need to store firewood, do so a bit far from the house so as to not attract bugs, termites, or rodents. Check out this article by Sophia Breene.


16 Common Household Pests and How to Get Rid of ‘Em

Creepy crawlies and things that go bump or squeak in the night are a homeowner’s (or renter’s) worst nightmare. Luckily, there are proven methods to prevent, discourage, and treat home infestations that don’t involve spraying the whole shebang with toxic chemicals. Although often effective against home invaders, artificial pest repellants, sprays, baits, and poisons can be dangerous if not lethal when accidentally ingested or touched.

Exposure to pesticides can irritate the skin, eyes, and respiratory system, disrupt hormones, and even cause cancer.  Even relatively benign pesticides can be dangerous if they’re handled or operated incorrectly. Good thing there are alternative ways to de-bug a home, right? From essential oils to non-toxic household cleaning products, here’s everything you need to know about keeping pests away in a more humane, environmentally-friendly, and healthy way. Read more here.

As we saw, commercial chemicals are unsafe, toxic, and pretty expensive. It is a better idea to stick with some DIYs where we know it is effective, safe, and not harmful to our health. If you have an infestation that is beyond control, it is better to get professional pest control services.

You can mix borax with sugar and keep it out for the ants. The ants will take this back to their nest to share with others, effectively killing a lot of them at once. Diatomaceous earth is a non-toxic powder which is harmless to mammals and humans but dangerous to bugs and insects. It can kill spiders, ants, and bedbugs and keep them away in the future. This article by Laurel Randolph talks about the inexpensive ways of getting rid of household pests.

6 Cheap Ways to Get Rid of Household Pests

The best way to keep pests out is prevention. The best way to keep unwanted bugs and rodents away is to keep your house extra clean and in good repair. Pests tend to be attracted to the unsightly elements of a house, like unsealed or old garbage, leaky pipes, and food residue. They can also enter your home through cracks, rotted wood, and be attracted by overgrown plants and piles of firewood or debris nearby.

If your pesky problem is ants, then try a vinegar and water spray. Mix roughly one part water and one part vinegar in a spray bottle. Track down the ants to find their trail and see where they are entering the house. Spray at their entrance and along the baseboards, door, and/or windows. To create a homemade bug trap, cut off the top section of a plastic soda bottle. Invert it, and tape or staple it to the bottle opening, making a funnel into the bottle. Read more here.

We know how to deal with household pests. But would it not be better if we could prevent their infestation in the first place? You can follow a few simple rules to bug proof your house so that no insect, pest, or rodent can get in. Keep the pet food away, wash the dishes, and tightly seal off the leftovers. Eat or pack away the fresh fruits and vegetables. Keeping them in the open can attract the flies and other pests.

Clean off any water bodies in or near your house. Even stagnant water in your sink can invite the pests. If you want to repel the ants, clean your place with vinegar. It acts as a disinfectant and ants absolutely hate the smell of it. Cockroaches can be killed with a mixture of borax and sugar or cocoa. Many in Singapore swear by this method. If these methods do not work out or the infestation is too bad, call in professional pest control services. Check out this article by Michael Pomranz on bug-proofing your house.

8 Best Ways to Bug-Proof Your House

Sure, insects can appear to have otherworldly abilities—mosquitos can fly, cockroaches can supposedly survive the apocalypse—but they can’t materialize out of nowhere. Your best defense: Look for warning signs and problem areas to stop them from invading your space.

Anything that connects your home to the great outdoors can be a trouble spot: Windows, vents, pipes, chimneys, and roof shingles are just some of the spots bugs will sneak through. Repair anything that creates a possible entrance like torn window screens or loose weather-stripping. If you find open spaces near pipes or vents, use caulk to fill small cracks or steel wool for larger gaps.

Part of what gives bugs a bum rap is that they gravitate toward messes. Keeping your home clean is the best way to keep pests away, especially the kitchen where crumbs and other potential treats lurk.  Vacuum regularly (once a week is suggested. Read more here.

One does not necessarily need to call in professional pest control services to get rid of a few pests. You can try out these simple and inexpensive but effective hacks to keep the pests away from your house. These DIYs usually work and many people in Singapore use them to keep the pests at bay. Consider professional pest control in case your problem is not solved.